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Irish Film &TV UK
(Formerly Irish Film Festival London)

Irish Film and TV

Irish Film & Television UK


Showcasing the best of Irish culture

An chuid is fearr de chultúr na héireann á léiriú

Founded by Kelly O'Connor and formerly known as IRISH FILM LONDON, Irish Film & Television UK (IFTUK) showcases and celebrates the best of Irish culture through the digital medium. It promotes world class Irish Film, Television and Animation throughout the UK,

Events throughout the year include:

The Irish Film Festival, a five-day event held each November
The Irish Film Awards, held at the Irish Embassy each November
The Brigid’s Day Film Festival, held each February in celebration of women
The St. Patrick's Day Film Festival, held each March in association with the Mayor of London.


Workshops and seminars are held throughout the year to inform, educate and engage with the Irish diaspora and those interested in Irish culture.

Festival Director's Vision

There has been much talk about the mighty achievements of Irish cinema in the last few years, about a country punching above its weight in terms of technical artistry, awards nominations and an ability to attract international productions. While all this is undeniably worth celebrating, it is still the case that so much vital work produced by or featuring Irish talent does not get to screens in the UK. While many would suggest cultural and historical reasons why that might be the case, increasing collaborations between filmmakers and funding bodies suggest growing professional respect across the nations, while every Irish success story empowers the notion that there’s a fascination from UK audiences.

Irish Film and TV UK exists to promote the boldest and best work Ireland is producing in the countries that are its nearest neighbours. With festivals and year-round work, we plan to ensure Irish filmmakers have a credible platform in the UK, be they established voices or young artists taking their first steps into film production. IFTUK wants to encourage collaboration and support Irish filmmakers living and working in the UK. We will continue to challenge perceptions of what Irish film and TV is, acknowledging that the country is producing incredible work in all forms and genres of the visual arts.

Irish film Festival London takes place in

November . Click here for details.

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